About Apigee

Build Digital with the Right Foundation
API management, design, analytics, and security are at the heart of modern digital architecture. The Apigee intelligent API platform is a complete solution for moving business to the digital world.
Predictive analytics to understand your customers' journeys and ensure that every interaction counts
Design, secure, analyze, and scale your APIs with the Apigee Edge API management platform
An IoT platform to connect all the "Things" and evolve your devices business into a digital IoT platform

Apigee powers the most API programs

Gogo: Enabling the Connected Aircraft
“APIs aren’t just about interfaces; it’s not just a request-response model.” says Brad Jaehn, former VP of product at Gogo. “By launching this partnership with Apigee, we were able to bring together an entire ecosystem around a new line of business.” Gogo’s goal is to enable the connected aircraft and truly transform the in-flight experience. More than 2,000 commercial aircraft owned by more than 10 major airlines are equipped with Gogo’s services.
Tradier: Building a Business on an API-first Strategy
Tradier is a financial services cloud provider that offers a set of fully hosted APIs, modules, and out-of-the-box tools that enable platform providers, financial services firms, third party developers, and investors to rapidly create customized trading experiences, real-time portfolios, and executions.
Equinix: Cloud Provisioning with APIs
Equinix Inc. (Nasdaq: EQIX) connects more than 4,500 companies directly to their customers and partners inside the world's most networked data centers. Today, businesses leverage the Equinix interconnection platform in 32 strategic markets across the Americas, EMEA, and Asia-Pacific.
Pearson eCollege: Building New Experiences for Education via APIs
As a unit of the U.K.'s Pearson Plc, the world's largest education and book publishing company, Pearson eCollege creates, services, and powers a wide range of online learning distance learning programs. It does so via its scalable SaaS learning platform LearningStudio and OpenClass, a cloud-based learning environment and content distribution platform. Learn how eCollege's PaaS strategy is enabling digital, learner-first innovation and serving as the foundation on which to build and grow its ecosystem of developers, partners, APIs, and apps.

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