In April 2013, we did a joint webcast with Accenture in which Teresa Tung from Accenture and Brian Pagano of Apigee discussed 2013 technology trends, with a focus on the API and app economy and a spotlight on Accenture's 2013 Technology Vision.

Successful Transition from SOA to APIs for the App Economy

Does your business need to deploy functionality to mobile devices? To multiple channels simultaneously? At a faster pace than ever before? You have a solid SOA but it's just not flexible enough to fulfill the requirements of today's projects. You need a path to evolve your SOA. In this webcast, we discussed the imperative for APIs and an approach to extend SOA with APIs to meet the demands of business in the growing app economy.

Companies across all industries, including telco, healthcare, financial services, and more, are striving to innovate and create digital ecosystems. At the same time, market fragmentation slows developer adoption and restricts participation in the app economy.

Redefine Omni-Channel Retailing - Harness the Power of APIs

The power shift in retail towards the connected customer is complete! Are you innovating across digital channels and increasing channel conversion and loyalty? Retailers' omni-channel vision of providing a unified experience across all customer touch points needs to become a reality - and quickly!

Economic Models for Reinventing Telcos - Innovation Through APIs

In this  webcast: Economic Models for Reinventing Telcos - Innovation with APIs, Andreas Constantinou of VisionMobile and Bala Kasiviswanathan of Apigee discussed the economic models Telcos can adopt to evolve their businesses across communications, content, and consumers to stay relevant in today's economy in which mobile platforms, OTT disruptors, and thousands of apps encompassing all user n

Businesses are expanding their digital ecosystems into the app economy. As businesses interact with partners, developers, and internal resources through mobile, social, app experiences and APIs, the number of sources of useful data expands.

From Napkin to App: Rapidly Prototype and Build for Mobile in Days

In this webcast: From Napkin to App: Rapidly Prototype and Build for Mobile., Brian Mulloy and Alan Languirand discuss the lessons they've learned quickly getting from concept to app. They provide a recipe for rapid app development and a list of the tools and techniques to successfully get from concept to prototype in just a few days.