How To: Quota and Mediation Policies

Watch this short video to see how to use policies to add rate limits and convert from XML to JSON.

(See the first video in our How To series to learn how to Add an API.)

How To: Trace and revisions

Watch this short video to learn to use the Trace tool to inspect how the gateway processes messages and makes revisions.

Twitter seems like a very simple app - 140 characters, users 'following' users. Building an app like that should be easy, right? A quick examination reveals that there are fairly complex features that need to be implemented on the back end. We used App Services to quickly build a Twitter clone using JavaScript, HTML5, and our JavaScript SDK. Image:

Building a Mobile Data Platform with Cassandra - Apigee Under the Hood

Apigee App Services, which power mobile and rich client applications from the cloud, are based on Usergrid, Apigee's open source data platform built on Cassandra.  Ed Anuff and Brian Mulloy discuss how Apigee implemented multi-tenancy at scale within Usergrid when building App Services.

OAuth has become standard practice for large social media APIs and it's becoming common across enterprise APIs. OAuth is good for your customers' security and experience making is critical if you want adoption on your API.

The amount of data in our world has been exploding, and the concept of “Big Data”—collecting and analyzing large data sets—needs no introduction.  It is the new IT catchphrase.

OAuth 2.0 - Don't Throw the Baby Out with the Bathwater (Webcast)

In the wake of Eran Hammer's resignation from the OAuth 2.0 working group, @gbrail and @edanuff discussed the usability of OAuth 2.0 for your APIs, identifying problematic areas of the spec and understanding how to avoid them, and why rolling back to OAuth 1.0 or "rolling your own" is not a great idea.