In this video (7:15) we examine a simple use case and demonstrate how to use the Apigee Platform to expose a standard SAP backend and convert a JSON request into a SOAP SAP back-end request.

You will see that in a matter of minutes, with no coding and taking advantage of capabilities like XSLT, you can make it possible for mobile apps to consume services from an ERP backend system.

In this video (6:22) we take a look at a simple use case showcasing how easily Apigee enables a transformation that can typically be a complex example in a Telco environment - A Telco XML/SOAP style backend (ParlayX) converted to the GSMA OneAPI.

Can you or your partners quickly prototype a new app or script that uses Cloud APIs?  What if they already have code for a different Cloud provider’s APIs?


Greg Brail introduces Gateway Services - a component of the Apigee API Platform. Create, manage and scale APIs that app developers will love with Gateway Services. Transform any data feed, web service, or 3rd party API into robust, intuitive APIs.


Jen Mazzon introduces Developer Channel Services - a component of the Apigee API Platform. Developer Channel Services enable you to get developers up and running quickly. Make a good first impression, increase developer adoption, and build community with a complete portal that offers frictionless on-boarding and interactive API documentation.

Apigee API Platform: APP SERVICES

Ed Anuff introduces App Services - a component of the Apigee API Platform. Build cutting-edge apps with social graphs, geolocation built-in activity streams, and more. Let Apigee handle the mundane data conversions, sign in/sign up, storage, server maintenance, and so on with this "Backend-as-a-Service" solution.


Anant Jhingran introduces Analytics Services - a component of the Apigee API Platform. Analytics Services offers end-to-end visibility into your API ecosystem from the API to mobile apps. Understand your customers' full context - how they use your service with partner APIs, social networks, and other products. Use Mobile Analytics to detect, diagnose and fix apps running on mobile devices.