Download the "On the Radar" report by global analyst firm Ovum. Titled, “Enabling digital transformation with a unified API platform and strategy services,” it recognizes Apigee’s Innovative API Platform and Services.

"The combination of API/application infrastructure, analytics, and strategy services offered by Apigee is well suited to enterprise API initiatives focusing on driving business growth via digital supply chains” ~ Saurabh Sharma, senior analyst at Ovum

We're psyched to announce our Apigee API and app tutorial course on Codeacademy, which helps people learn to code by building things! If you haven't tried Codacademy's courses yet - they're an effective and addictive way to build new coding skills. Have an hour? Use Codeacademy's Apigee tutorial to learn to store your app data in the cloud, with a set of exercises to create an Apigee app backend form queries for data by geolocation and more.

Twitter seems like a very simple app - 140 characters, users 'following' users. Building an app like that should be easy, right? A quick examination reveals that there are fairly complex features that need to be implemented on the back end. We used App Services to quickly build a Twitter clone using JavaScript, HTML5, and our JavaScript SDK. Image:

The amount of data in our world has been exploding, and the concept of “Big Data”—collecting and analyzing large data sets—needs no introduction.  It is the new IT catchphrase.

With the current explosion in social, mobile, and cloud computing, companies are seeking ways to distribute and convey data in an efficient and consumable manner. Savvy companies realize that APIs are the key to successfully taking advantage of this rapid transformation.

Developers hate marketing. How do you bring your API to market and attract developers?

In 1995, Clayton Christenson coined the term Disruptive Innovations in his article titled "Disruptive Technologies: Catching the Wave."  His contention was that some new products or services that appear in the marketplace are so revolutionary that they render existing technologies obsolete.