Predictive Analytics on Big Data. DIY or BUY?

In this webcast, Apigee’s Abhi Rele and Alan Ho discuss the market dynamics of predictive analytics and big data and the key capabilities needed to deliver the adaptive apps and APIs every business needs to remain relevant and be competitive.

Webcast featuring Forrester - Why many digital initiatives fail. Even the great ones.

In a world transformed by digital technology, some firms are better able to compete than others. In this webcast, Forrester analyst Nigel Fenwick and Apigee's Bryan Kirschner deliver results from the latest research on digital business from both Forrester and Apigee.

API Design: An Adoption-Centered Approach

Application developers are the customers of your API. Success is measured by how quickly those developers enjoy success using your API in their applications. And rapid adoption of an API by your internal, partner, or external developers is all about design. In this webcast, Apigee's Marsh Gardiner and Brian Mulloy build upon their prior work in API design and unveil RV, a style of API design that embraces developer adoption as its guiding principle.

Why APIs Are Different Than Integration

IT architects and developers have long recognized APIs as an evolution and continuation of integration-based architectures used within enterprise IT. But this is a limited view. APIs have become the foundational framework for development of scalable enterprise applications that connect user experiences to back-end data and services.

The Power of Internal API Programs

Digital enterprises have developed powerful playbooks to address the needs of rapidly evolving, consumer-facing API and app programs. But can these external strategies be as effective as “internal” API programs that enable apps for employees and strategic business partners? In this webcast, Chris von See and Bala Kasiviswanathan discussed how Apigee Edge and an API-first architecture form a foundation for managing internal use cases.

Powering Modern Web and Mobile Apps for Government Agencies - Why APIs are not SOA++

Using APIs, information generated and stored by the federal government is becoming open and accessible to innovators and the public. But are your agencies' systems ready to support modern interfaces like mobile or dynamic web apps? Carahsoft and Apigee partnered to present this webcast, in which Apigee's Ed Anuff and Dilshad Simons discussed the differences between API and SOA governance and between API consumption and service exposure.

APIs: A Key to Rationalizing IT Costs

Innovation is the name of the game for today's enterprise, but limited IT budgets can get in the way. How do you continue to innovate in spite of the constraints of reduced IT spend? How do you identify and overcome the inefficiencies in enterprise architectures that constrain growth and increase costs? In this webcast, Brian Pagano and John Rethans discussed a framework that will cut costs for enterprise IT. Learn to identify common inefficiencies and the opportunities to reduce and avoid spend.