The API Facade Pattern: Overview - Episode 1

The first of four episodes in the API Facade Pattern series: an overview of the idea and theory of API facades.

Visbility at the Edge - Deep Insights from Your API - Webinar

Explore the organizational and technical challenges of turning big data into valuable business insights.

The Anatomy of Apps - How iPhone, Android & Facebook Apps Consume APIs - Webinar

A roundup of different client libraries and frameworks, plus considerations for selecting mobile back-end platforms.

Running an API at HUGE Scale - Webinar

Learn the unique scalability considerations and failure points to look out for with APIs, how to design scale across the full stack, and how to create an end-to-end testing strategy for API scalability.

API Trends - What to expect in 2012?

Learn the predominant use cases for enterprises using APIs; how the growth of OAuth and mobile/javascript clients impact your API design; and the technical and business drivers for data-centric APIs.

Mobile APIs - Optimizing APIs for Many Devices - Webinar

Learn how to make life easier for mobile app developers using your API.

Bigger, Better Business With OAuth

Learn about blockers to business innovation, how OAuth changes the rules, and join us in re-imagining the future of business development.