API Design Tour - Digital River (Webcast)

What makes for a great API design? What will make the developers who use your API successful quickly? What debates and decisions go on behind the scenes before an API team launches an API?

Skeuomorphs, Databases & Mobile Performance (Webcast)

Build better end-user experiences and architect for performance on today's mobile devices

OData Introduction and Impact on API Design (Webcast)

We're in a data-driven and Web API economy. Web API designers need to define what and how data should be exposed from a variety of apps, services, and stores. What are the challenges of unlocking your data and opening up access in a straightforward and standards-compliant manner? Is OData the right tool for the job? What does it mean from the point of view of designing an API?

APIs and Copyright - Monopolizing Ideas or Affording Protection? (Webcast)

Should APIs be covered by copyright law? Would developers and innovation be stifled by copyrightable APIs? Or would it afford protection over IP (Intellectual Property)?

Big Data: Beyond the 'Bigness' and the Technology

Moving beyond the "bigness" and technology hype of the typical Big Data conversation to how businesses need to respond to the explosion of new, disparate and dynamic data sources as social, mobile and cloud influences shift customer interaction to the edge of the enterprise.

Mobile Apps 101 - Key patterns you need to know

An introduction to some key patterns for mobile app development: repeatable patterns that represent functionality for the front and back-end of mobile apps.

Scaling APIs: Predict, Prepare for, Overcome the Challenges

Examine common bottlenecks and hurdles when scaling your API, and learn some tips and tricks for how to overcome those challenges as your API traffic grows 10x, 100x, 1000x . . .