The API Facade Pattern: People - Episode 4

The fourth and final episode in the API Facade Pattern series: covers people considerations—the team structures, the roles and responsibilities and the politics—for building and using an API facade.

O'Reilly Author webinar for "APIs: A Strategy Guide" - Transforming your Business with APIs

The world is moving from browsers to apps. How can you make sure you are where your customers are going? The authors of O'Reilly's APIs: A strategy Guide discuss how different API strategies (public, private, partner) can help you transform your business.

The API Facade Pattern: Technology - Episode 3

The third of four episodes in the API Facade Pattern series: covers technology for an API facade.

API Product Management - Driving Success through the Value Chain - Webinar

Strategic and tactical considerations for planning, building, and evolving an API to make direct and indirect users successful.

The API Facade Pattern: Common Patterns - Episode 2

The second of four episodes in the API Facade Pattern series: common patterns for an API facade.

The API Facade Pattern: Overview - Episode 1

The first of four episodes in the API Facade Pattern series: an overview of the idea and theory of API facades.

Visbility at the Edge - Deep Insights from Your API - Webinar

Explore the organizational and technical challenges of turning big data into valuable business insights.