RESTful API Design - Second Edition

This webcast covers a collection of design practices that we have developed in collaboration with some of the leading API teams around the world. We look at affordance—the key design principle, designing for errors, versioning, pagination and partial responses, search, authentication, the API façade pattern, and more.

Amundsen's Dogs, Information Halos, and APIs - Web 2.0 Expo NY, Sam Ramji

The theme of the Web 2.0 Expo in 2011 was Unlock the Digital Economy. Sam Ramji presented "Amundsen's Dogs, Information Halos and APIs," cognitive tools to help you build your epic API journey. Sam walks through how to succeed in the new App Internet and 5 building blocks for a winning API strategy: 

How to Segment Developers for Your API Strategy

Learn why developer segmentation is important for API strategies, and pick up tips on sizing, segmenting, and reaching different communities of developers.

10 Patterns in Successful API Programs - Webinar

Learn about best practices in API strategy, technology, and marketing, along with pitfalls to avoid when working with APIs.

Explore the differences between APIs and websites in terms of strategy, technologies, and interactions with customers and members of the developer community.

Learn about strategies you can employ to convince your teammates and management to support your API strategy.

OAuth for your API: The Big Picture! - Webinar

Understand how OAuth fits with APIs and the emerging world of open platforms.