Webcast: Why APIs? Second Edition

Explore why APIs are important to your organization, which strategy is right for you (Internal, Partners, Customers or Open API), as well as how to map your API strategy to your objectives and target channels.

HATEOAS 101: Opinionated Introduction to a REST API Style - Webcast

An introduction to HATEOAS core principles, examples, and a look at the value of the approach for API providers and app developers.

The API Facade Pattern: People - Episode 4

The fourth and final episode in the API Facade Pattern series: covers people considerations—the team structures, the roles and responsibilities and the politics—for building and using an API facade.

O'Reilly Author webinar for "APIs: A Strategy Guide" - Transforming your Business with APIs

The world is moving from browsers to apps. How can you make sure you are where your customers are going? The authors of O'Reilly's APIs: A strategy Guide discuss how different API strategies (public, private, partner) can help you transform your business.

The API Facade Pattern: Technology - Episode 3

The third of four episodes in the API Facade Pattern series: covers technology for an API facade.

API Product Management - Driving Success through the Value Chain - Webinar

Strategic and tactical considerations for planning, building, and evolving an API to make direct and indirect users successful.

The API Facade Pattern: Common Patterns - Episode 2

The second of four episodes in the API Facade Pattern series: common patterns for an API facade.