API Design Tour: Dell

What makes for a great API design? What will make the developers who use your API successful quickly? What debates and decisions go on behind the scenes before an API team launches an API? At this stop on our API Design Tour, we continue our discussions with leading API Teams around the design and business of APIs.

Bringing the App Economy to Enterprise IT (Webcast)

The word 'app' conjures images of mobile phones, tablets and app stores. In the enterprise, however, software applications perform business process management, batch transactions, application integration and much more. For example, a business-to-business integration app without a user interface is still an app.

Applying Universal Design Principles to API Initiatives

The Universal Principles of Design is a classic design text cataloging more than 100 design principles from a variety of disciplines.

How To: Add an API

Watch this short video to help you get started managing an API using Apigee.

How To: Quota and Mediation Policies

Watch this short video to see how to use policies to add rate limits and convert from XML to JSON.

(See the first video in our How To series to learn how to Add an API.)

How To: Trace and revisions

Watch this short video to learn to use the Trace tool to inspect how the gateway processes messages and makes revisions.

Twitter seems like a very simple app - 140 characters, users 'following' users. Building an app like that should be easy, right? A quick examination reveals that there are fairly complex features that need to be implemented on the back end. We used App Services to quickly build a Twitter clone using JavaScript, HTML5, and our JavaScript SDK. Image: FreeDigitalPhotos.net