10 Patterns in Successful API Programs - Webinar

Learn about best practices in API strategy, technology, and marketing, along with pitfalls to avoid when working with APIs.

Explore the differences between APIs and websites in terms of strategy, technologies, and interactions with customers and members of the developer community.

Learn about strategies you can employ to convince your teammates and management to support your API strategy.

OAuth for your API: The Big Picture! - Webinar

Understand how OAuth fits with APIs and the emerging world of open platforms.

Does your API need to be PCI Compliant? - Webinar

Learn facts and common myths about PCI compliance, and understand what it means to be PCI-compliant when transacting via APIs.

API Metrics - What to Measure? - Webinar

Learn about the API value chain: who are the people and technologies involved in your API business? What are the key operational and business metrics for each part of the value chain? 

What is Pragmatic REST? How does it differ from standard REST, and what are the implications of this difference for API design?

The video and slides posted here are from the first RESTful API Design webcast.

Please also check out the second edition webcast: RESTful API Design - Second Edition.