Predictive Analytics on Big Data. DIY or BUY?

In this webcast, Apigee’s Abhi Rele and Alan Ho discuss the market dynamics of predictive analytics and big data and the key capabilities needed to deliver the adaptive apps and APIs every business needs to remain relevant and be competitive.

Businesses are expanding their digital ecosystems into the app economy. As businesses interact with partners, developers, and internal resources through mobile, social, app experiences and APIs, the number of sources of useful data expands.

The amount of data in our world has been exploding, and the concept of “Big Data”—collecting and analyzing large data sets—needs no introduction.  It is the new IT catchphrase.

Big Data: Beyond the 'Bigness' and the Technology

Moving beyond the "bigness" and technology hype of the typical Big Data conversation to how businesses need to respond to the explosion of new, disparate and dynamic data sources as social, mobile and cloud influences shift customer interaction to the edge of the enterprise.

Visbility at the Edge - Deep Insights from Your API - Webinar

Explore the organizational and technical challenges of turning big data into valuable business insights.

API Metrics - What to Measure? - Webinar

Learn about the API value chain: who are the people and technologies involved in your API business? What are the key operational and business metrics for each part of the value chain?