Apigee | The Adaptive Digital Business Platform

How does an organization become a successful digital business?
The key components are APIs and big data. Every user interaction leaves a digital shadow - companies need to collect, analyze, predict and act on big data in an adaptive cycle to deliver value everywhere and anticipate change.

Powering interactions via apps requires a new architecture. Companies today seek to leverage the latest forms of mobile and rich-client engagement to build new experiences. In recent years, apps have transformed from the means of content access and data entry to being the primary channels of interaction between a company and its customers and employees.

Webcast featuring Forrester - Why many digital initiatives fail. Even the great ones.

In a world transformed by digital technology, some firms are better able to compete than others. In this webcast, Forrester analyst Nigel Fenwick and Apigee's Bryan Kirschner deliver results from the latest research on digital business from both Forrester and Apigee.

Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) are the foundation on which the digital economy is built. This ebook demystifies APIs, going beyond the acronym to help you understand their strategic significance, as well as providing insight into how they can help your business. Learn to use APIs as the foundation for your digital business platform, meet rising customer expectations across multiple channelsand spur innovation, both internally and externally.

These days, technology leaders are asked to do more and move faster. But they usually aren’t given any more budget to meet the demands of a fast evolving, agile, responsive enterprise. Winning in today’s environment requires more intelligent ways to achieve our goals; this, in turn, requires finding ways to remove unnecessary spend from our budgets, and freeing more dollars for innovation. 

Many developers and architects see APIs as an evolution and continuation of the integration-based architectures that have long been in use within enterprise IT. However, this is a limited view that misses the larger realization that APIs have become a foundational technology for the development of robust and scalable enterprise applications.

The Power of Internal API Programs

Digital enterprises have developed powerful playbooks to address the needs of rapidly evolving, consumer-facing API and app programs. But can these external strategies be as effective as “internal” API programs that enable apps for employees and strategic business partners? In this webcast, Chris von See and Bala Kasiviswanathan discussed how Apigee Edge and an API-first architecture form a foundation for managing internal use cases.