Learn to Build Apps with a BaaS - Apigee Developer Tutorial on Codeacademy

We're psyched to announce our Apigee API and app tutorial course on Codeacademy, which helps people learn to code by building things!

If you haven't tried Codacademy's courses yet - they're an effective and addictive way to build new coding skills.    

Have an hour? With Codeacademy's Apigee tutorial you can learn to store your app data in the cloud, with a set of exercises to:

  • create an Apigee app backend form queries for data by geolocation
  • store and retrieve users
  • create relationships such as following and friends
  • and define and send activities to groups

Check it out, and if you have any questions, hit us on the course Q&A forum.

Apigee tutorial on Codeacademy >