In 1995, Clayton Christenson coined the term Disruptive Innovations in his article titled "Disruptive Technologies: Catching the Wave."  His contention was that some new products or services that appear in the marketplace are so revolutionary that they render existing technologies obsolete.

Skeuomorphs, Databases & Mobile Performance (Webcast)

Build better end-user experiences and architect for performance on today's mobile devices

Mobile Apps 101 - Key patterns you need to know

An introduction to some key patterns for mobile app development: repeatable patterns that represent functionality for the front and back-end of mobile apps.

The Anatomy of Apps - How iPhone, Android & Facebook Apps Consume APIs - Webinar

A roundup of different client libraries and frameworks, plus considerations for selecting mobile back-end platforms.

Mobile APIs - Optimizing APIs for Many Devices - Webinar

Learn how to make life easier for mobile app developers using your API.