Mobile App Design Best Practices - Usable Interfaces for Tiny Places

With a virtual gold-rush in mobile app development, the race is on to create powerful apps but also the most compelling user experiences. Designing for a touch interface and a small profile is a unique proposition and lessons learned from web or desktop app development will go only so far.

Crafting APIs for Mobile Strategy - Everything You Need to Know

So you extend your data and services as APIs to power features like social, personalization, analytics, more. But it's not just about having an API! What makes a great API that developers will be successful building against? What's the best architecture? How do you build clients that use APIs? How is making an API call different than request/response?

The Programmable Car: Apps, APIs, Data and Ecosystems

The app revolution has turned consumer expectations upside down in all areas of our lives, including in the cars we drive. Our connected cars are already filled with computing power and experiences influenced by consumer electronics. Forward-looking car makers have the pedal to the metal on further innovation. There's an undeniable conceptual shift from the connected car to the programmable car.

From Napkin to App: Rapidly Prototype and Build for Mobile in Days

In this webcast: From Napkin to App: Rapidly Prototype and Build for Mobile., Brian Mulloy and Alan Languirand discuss the lessons they've learned quickly getting from concept to app. They provide a recipe for rapid app development and a list of the tools and techniques to successfully get from concept to prototype in just a few days.

HTML5: The Apps, the Frameworks, the Controversy

Are you creating mobile apps, mobile web sites? Are you building HTML5, native, or hybrid? Is HTML5 the way to go or a passing fad?

In this webcast, Amir Nathoo of and Tim Anglade of Apigee cut through the headlines and examine the components of the new mobile stack, the technology, the players, and the tradeoffs of building HTML5 versus native.

Bringing the App Economy to Enterprise IT (Webcast)

The word 'app' conjures images of mobile phones, tablets and app stores. In the enterprise, however, software applications perform business process management, batch transactions, application integration and much more. For example, a business-to-business integration app without a user interface is still an app.

Building a Mobile Data Platform with Cassandra - Apigee Under the Hood

Apigee App Services, which power mobile and rich client applications from the cloud, are based on Usergrid, Apigee's open source data platform built on Cassandra.  Ed Anuff and Brian Mulloy discuss how Apigee implemented multi-tenancy at scale within Usergrid when building App Services.