APIs break new ground with respect to governance, risk, and compliance (GRC). By their nature, APIs are meant to enable transactional business activity without prior restraint, and they are major tools for innovation and experimentation. APIs save organizations money through reuse and consistency. These characteristics can ultimately make governance easier.

There is a shift underway in enterprises is one from a world of messaging platforms to one of collaboration platforms - platforms for real-time connectivity and collaboration across boundaries and firewalls that enable machine-to-machine, person-to-person, B2B, and B2C interactions and transactions.

Today we are seeing an explosion of information consumption. Enterprises must reach a growing global audience that has moved beyond the browser to thousands of mobile and social apps on hundreds of connected devices. APIs power this new application and mobile driven economy. With new markets and opportunities come high expectations for application and service performance.

Software-Defined Networking (SDN) is a shift in network-based computing based on breaking existing physical boundaries on switches, routers, and controllers through well-defined APIs. This new era of networking innovation through software, driven by APIs and apps is creating increasingly agile, flexible and robust networking configurations.