With the explosive growth in API use in every sector, business unit leaders at enterprises that are undergoing digital transformations are calling upon their chief security officers and chief information security officers to ensure the security of APIs.

Security must be built into the APIs themselves. But that’s not enough. Threat protection, identity services, infrastructure security, and compliance also must be top of mind. This eBook provides a framework to help CSOs and CISOs consider API security.

OAuth has become standard practice for large social media APIs and it's becoming common across enterprise APIs. OAuth is good for your customers' security and experience making is critical if you want adoption on your API.

OAuth 2.0 - Don't Throw the Baby Out with the Bathwater (Webcast)

In the wake of Eran Hammer's resignation from the OAuth 2.0 working group, @gbrail and @edanuff discussed the usability of OAuth 2.0 for your APIs, identifying problematic areas of the spec and understanding how to avoid them, and why rolling back to OAuth 1.0 or "rolling your own" is not a great idea.

Bigger, Better Business With OAuth

Learn about blockers to business innovation, how OAuth changes the rules, and join us in re-imagining the future of business development.

OAuth for your API: The Big Picture! - Webinar

Understand how OAuth fits with APIs and the emerging world of open platforms.

Does your API need to be PCI Compliant? - Webinar

Learn facts and common myths about PCI compliance, and understand what it means to be PCI-compliant when transacting via APIs.