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Digital Business
by Shailaja Pittie Jan 25, 2016
At Apigee, we strive to build the company we’ve always wanted to work for. So it was particularly gratifying to learn recently that Apigee was named one of the best places to work in 2015 in the SMB category in... Read more
Apigee was named one of the best places to work in 2015 in the SMB category in Glassdoor’s Employees’ Choice Awards.... Read more...
Digital Business
Build digital with the right foundation
by Helen Whelan Jan 21, 2016
What does it mean to be a digital business?  It means delivering the seamless connected experiences demanded by today’s customers, partners, and employees. It means securely unlocking the value that companies... Read more
See how Apigee’s intelligent API platform enables businesses to build, secure, manage, scale, analyze, and connect all their APIs and build the foundation for a company’s digital future.... Read more...
CTO Musings
by Anant Jhingran Jan 21, 2016
APIs need to be managed. So that’s the first problem API management solves. But the second is equally—if not more—important. Enterprise architectures are showing their age and cannot compete with the... Read more
Modern architectural principles can serve as a Trojan Horse in the enterprise stack: new services can be written that leverage the API management layer to achieve scale at cost.... Read more...
Digital Business
by Olaf Domis Jan 20, 2016
Technology projects don’t usually move fast at large enterprises, but for Telstra, the biggest telco in Australia, APIs have helped create an exception. "When you talk about delivery, you tend to measure... Read more
We sat down with Telstra's Charlotte Yarkoni to discuss how the Australian telco partners with Apigee.... Read more...
by Will Witman Jan 19, 2016
Apigee Edge Microgateway gives you the flexibility to deploy API management as a hybrid solution, where core, real-time API management functionality runs close to the API applications, while other API functions run on... Read more
Learn how to write a custom Apigee Edge Microgateway plugin that transforms response data from XML to JSON.... Read more...
Digital Business
by Greg Brail Jan 14, 2016
Transavia, the Dutch low-cost airline, has a simple goal: to become the top digital airline in Europe.Achieving that goal might not be quite so simple, but the company, a division of Air France KLM Group that serves 50... Read more
Transavia, the Dutch low-cost airline is taking some bold steps to become Europe's top digital airline, says Transavia commercial director Roy Schreeder.... Read more...
A new Node.js Foundation survey for...
by Alan Ho Jan 13, 2016
The Node.js Foundation is launching a user experience and version adoption survey. The Node.js Foundation is part of the Linux foundation. Its mission is to enable the widespread adoption of Node.js through an open... Read more
If you're a Node.js user, please take a moment to participate in a new user experience and version adoption survey.... Read more...

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