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by Olaf Domis Mar 13, 2015
Whatever your IoT vision is for your business, developers are the ones who'll help make it a reality. In this webcast, Evans Data's Michael Rasalan and Apigee's Abhi Rele uncover the results of extensive... Read more
In this webcast, Evans Data's Michael Rasalan and Apigee's Abhi Rele discuss how developers are the key to making the Internet of Things a reality.... Read more...
by dtortorici Mar 12, 2015
We’ve been fortunate to help hundreds of customers transform into digital businesses. The insights we’ve gained have taught us a lot about digital business success and failure. One of the most important... Read more
One of the most important decisions an organization will make is how to manage the mission-critical APIs that connect the business to apps, developers, and customers. This decision impacts not only your eventual success but also time-to-value, bottom-line cost, and even opportunity cost.... Read more...
by Subra Kumaraswamy Mar 09, 2015
A popular principle among computer scientists states that every problem can be solved by adding a layer of indirection. When it comes to API and cloud security, this principle can work wonders. A layer of indirection (... Read more
Applying the principle of indirection to your APIs by using an API management platform offers protection in a seamless way. This is particularly important in light of recent security threats, including the FREAK SSL/TLS vulnerability.... Read more...
by Will Witman Mar 05, 2015
You’ve built out a set of APIs using Apigee-127. Developers are downloading and using them. They’re building apps, and people are using those apps. At some point, sooner rather than later, you really need to know how... Read more
At some point, sooner rather than later, you really need to know how things are going with your Apigee-127 APIs. You might not be aware that your APIs can plug directly into and take full advantage of Apigee Edge Analytics Services. Here's how.... Read more...
by Olaf Domis Mar 04, 2015
Backend-as-a-Service technology is now essential for mobile developers looking to simplify and scale app development. In this technical deep-dive webcast, Apigee's Jeff West explains how Apigee Edge API BaaS enables... Read more
In this webcast, Apigee's Jeff West explains ways to enable greater app functionality through data stores and how API BaaS enables speedy app development. ... Read more...
by Marsh Gardiner Mar 03, 2015
Up-to-date documentation is a critical way for developers and partners to understand the APIs that enterprises work so hard to produce. And these days, static documentation isn't enough—reducing the Time-To-First-... Read more
We introduced Apigee SmartDocs last year to make API documentation more detailed, easier to maintain, and interactive. Check out this video to learn more.... Read more...
by Yong Kim Feb 27, 2015
I just successfully built my first event sequence-based predictive model! Here’s why I consider this a big deal. I started my professional journey in predictive analytics in 2000 (right after helping Bank of... Read more
Efficiently leveraging event sequence patterns requires a process that can create not only a graph data structure of millions of events, but also an efficient algorithm that can query and find patterns that exist across this high dimensional, sparsely populated space.... Read more...

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