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by Helen Whelan Jul 20, 2015
APIs are everywhere, and they’re not new to many enterprises or industries. What is new is a growing recognition that APIs are the foundation upon which digital businesses are built; they’ve become critical... Read more
Advanced API management platforms are differentiated by capabilities including Backend as a Service (BaaS) to enable developers to develop and extend apps with modern features, an analytics engine to provide deep insights into the APIs, and even monetization features.... Read more...
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by Olaf Domis Jul 16, 2015
Walgreens has notched another win with its API program. In October 2014, the largest drug store chain in the United States unveiled its Walgreens Balance® Rewards API. This API enables third-party apps to connect with... Read more
Walgreens recently unveiled some impressive stats for its Balance® Rewards API, which enables third-party apps to connect with the drug store chain to share users' health and wellness information.... Read more...
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by Bryan Kirschner Jul 14, 2015
In previous posts on outside-in culture and cloud-first IT, it’s been exciting to draw connections between best practices we’ve benchmarked across hundreds of companies and how some of our awesome I ♥  APIs 2015... Read more
Agile is a way that many digital natives (including Apigee) build software—and, increasingly, how many incumbent businesses are adapting to the new digital market context.... Read more...
by Olaf Domis Jul 08, 2015
More and more, developers who are used to working in the web and mobile worlds naturally turn to APIs as the most effective way to connect clients and servers. As these developers encounter application-to-... Read more
Apigee's Greg Brail answers API-versus-middleware questions and compares API-based integration to SOA and enterprise service bus (ESB) approaches in this interview with SearchSOA.... Read more...
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by Eszter Szikora Jul 08, 2015
GLH enterprise architect Matthew Newton spoke with us at I ♥ APIs Europe about how the U.K. hotel management company set out upon its digital journey. It all started with a competition, driven by GLH... Read more
GLH enterprise architect Matthew Newton spoke with us at I ♥ APIs Europe about how the U.K. hotel management company set out upon its digital journey. ... Read more...
by Olaf Domis Jul 06, 2015
The Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (FHIR) mandate, which created an API-based format for exchanging health data, has opened the door to a world of new efficiencies and patient-centric healthcare reform. With... Read more
In this webcast replay, SMART Health IT's Josh Mandel joins Apigee's Aashima Gupta to discuss the future of FHIR-enabled apps.... Read more...
Digital Business
by David Andrzejek Jul 01, 2015
Nike last week posted blowout Q2 earnings—the company crushed it, and investors responded by pushing Nike shares to a new all-time high Friday. In the Nike earnings call, CEO Mark Parker highlighted two areas of... Read more
Nike CEO Mark Parker recently highlighted its digital strategy as a key area of investment that has accelerated the company's growth. The company is a great example of the power of digital ecosystems and platform business models.... Read more...

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