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by Anant Jhingran Sep 02, 2015
The IBMs and Hitachis of the world have their own reasons for patenting. I’m not going there with this post—this is about startups. First, here are three reasons frequently given as to why patents aren... Read more
Careful patenting is extremely important—speed, code, and talent all matter, but don't forget to protect your crown jewels.... Read more...
by Will Witman & Marsh Gardiner Sep 01, 2015
Slack, one of the hottest startups today, is a messaging app for team communication. One reason Slack is so popular is because so many external services, like GitHub, Google Drive, Heroku, Jira, and many others,... Read more
Learn how to create your own Slack integration using swagger-node, which makes it easy to build, validate, and test an API project locally using Swagger and Node.js.... Read more...
by Subra Kumaraswamy & Joel D'Sa Aug 28, 2015
Data breaches are making headlines on a seemingly weekly basis. With hackers exposing and exploiting millions of consumer records, data security has taken center stage among security leaders and enterprise architects.... Read more
When protection mechanisms and configuration are made available to developers via APIs, it improves developer adoption of security and automatically embeds security into apps.... Read more...
Digital Business
by Abhi Rele Aug 26, 2015
WIth the Internet of Things, most people focus on the “things”—they often forget about the “internet” part. After all, devices fitted with sensors that control other devices have been around for a long time: there’s the... Read more
What makes the IoT different from traditional M2M communication is the “internet” part of the equation. This makes the IoT vastly more complicated—from a technical, operations, and business perspective. APIs make the IoT simpler and play a pivotal role in accelerating the pace at which we unlock value from the IoT.... Read more...
Digital Business
No matter where you are on your digital...
by Olaf Domis Aug 24, 2015
Every digital business will be an API-run business. So the future of your digital business lies in San Jose, Calif., on Oct. 12-14, at I Love APIs 2015. After all, it’s the biggest API networking and training... Read more
This new video sums up why I Love APIs 2015 will offer the year's biggest opportunity to gather hands-on experience, real-world API knowhow, and digital business perspectives.... Read more...
by Tej Ravindra Aug 21, 2015
Digital assets or services provide real value to customers, partners, and end users. So why  shouldn’t they be a source of revenue for your company and an important part of your business model? In the pre-API... Read more
Sophisticated API management provides the robust infrastructure that empowers your business model—and opens the door to new revenue opportunities.... Read more...
Webcast & podcast
by Olaf Domis Aug 19, 2015
Microservices, containerization, and platform-as-a-service (PaaS) represent some exciting new areas of API management. What is PaaS and why adopt one? How do APIs and microservices go hand in hand with... Read more
In this webcast replay, Cloud Foundry CEO Sam Ramji and Apigee's Ed Anuff and Martin Nally engage in a lively debate about API management and the roles that PaaS, APIs, and microservices play in providing services to applications.... Read more...

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