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Digital Business
by David Andrezejek May 14, 2015
A recent analysis by @Jesse_Livermore on the blog Philosophical Economics (“Profit Margins in a ‘Winner Take All’ Economy”) explores why the most profitable companies have sustained elevated... Read more
Evidence suggests that platform business models and being an early mover in building digital ecosystems play key roles in building strong profitability.... Read more...
by Olaf Domis May 13, 2015
Black Friday, Christmas, peak travel season—no matter what the event, there will come a time when your API infrastructure needs to meet increased business demand quickly. Without the proper, load-tested... Read more
To help you prepare for high-traffic events, this webcast offers a preparedness checklist and includes best practices to help you begin the planning and testing process.... Read more...
by Greg Brail May 12, 2015
In the last decade, the “API” pattern has grown to dominate interactions between clients and servers on the Internet. Many of the largest and most-used apps on the internet today are built atop APIs. APIs... Read more
The simplicity of APIs is often underappreciated. As new platforms, languages, and frameworks are developed, a good API remains useful and usable. It's the key to their success.... Read more...
by Prithpal Bhogill May 07, 2015
Chances are you’re a Salesforce customer. Chances are that you are not only using Salesforce for sales and service, but also use their platform (Salesforce1) to build applications. Chances are that you have had to... Read more
Apigee Edge enables the exposure of normalized, consumable APIs that provide access to Salesforce APIs for use by other apps in your enterprise.... Read more...
by Alan May 05, 2015
"Software is eating the world" is a statement in danger of becoming a cliche, and yet it remains a prescient observation of the way in which every business is becoming a software business. A more important... Read more
Developers are critical to the transformation of every business function. Among them, there are three jobs that act as force multipliers within the modern enterprise: native app developers, API developers, and data scientists.... Read more...
Digital Business
by Olaf Domis May 04, 2015
Media and entertainment companies must become digital in all aspects of their business, and understand their customers’ preferences like never before. They must be able to deliver the right experience to the right... Read more
In this business brief, we explore four ways that APIs enable media and entertainment companies to meet the expectations of customers and stay ahead in the face of the constantly and rapidly changing competitive landscape. ... Read more...
by Shankar Ramaswamy and Marc Schreuder May 01, 2015
Writing software with the right balance of responsiveness, predictability, and reliability is a constant challenge. Overlay the environment of regular technology revolutions that disrupt the status quo, and you have a... Read more
Writing software in a constantly changing technology environment amounts to changing your rocket's engines and guidance systems in flight. Here are some tips on how to stay on the right trajectory—and get stuff done. ... Read more...

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