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Digital Business
Keep your backend transaction systems...
by Anurag Wadehra Oct 09, 2015
You're an established brand looking to grow in turbulent times. You have a digital strategy thought out and a well-funded team of skilled and passionate business and IT experts that “get" digital.  ... Read more
Learn how established companies compete against the poster children of disruption.
Digital Business
Come hear Cloud Foundry's Sam Ramji describe...
by Bryan Kirschner Oct 08, 2015
I’m the executive sponsor of the Strategy Forum at I Love APIs 2015, and I'd like to make you an offer you can’t refuse. I’ve worked on strategy for decades. In the past year I’ve traveled... Read more
Learn about what differentiates disruptors from the disrupted across tech giants like Amazon and Apple, start-ups like Uber, or the biggest Fortune 500s.
Two-speed IT and the importance of an...
by Ed Anuff Oct 05, 2015
In the previous video in this series, we discussed the differences between APIs and SOA, and the importance of choosing the right tool for the right job. In our latest fireside chat, I sat down with my colleague Brian... Read more
In our latest fireside chat video, we continue our discussion on how SOA simply wasn’t designed for horizontal scale—the kind that’s required to handle the hundreds of thousands of request per second that a modern mobile app can generate.
Digital Business
Analyze your progress versus digital leaders...
by Bryan Kirschner Oct 02, 2015
The jury is in. CEOs are calling out digital strategy as an engine of growth for the entire enterprise. World-class research organizations are documenting individual cases as part of a broader trend: stronger... Read more
Stronger digital capabilities are associated with higher margins and greater revenue. Find out how your organization stacks up against others with this new white paper and benchmarking tool.
The impedance mismatch between delivering...
by Ed Anuff & Brian Pagano Oct 01, 2015
Most readers probably know that the “A” in API stands for “application” and that the “S” in SOA stands for “services.” So what does that mean to you when contemplating... Read more
Most readers probably know that the “A” in API stands for “application” and that the “S” in SOA stands for “services.” So what does that mean to you when contemplating whether to adopt an API-based strategy or a services oriented architecture (SOA) strategy?
by Greg Rewis Sep 30, 2015
Amazon, Hortonworks, Atlassian, Pivotal, Netflix, Verizon, and SmartBear. Want to learn how these companies build APIs, microservices, and developer communities? Want to peer into the minds of developers-turned-founders... Read more
Learn from Amazon, Hortonworks, Atlassian, Pivotal, Netflix, Verizon, and SmartBear at I ♥ APIs 2015 during three days crammed with workshops, labs, and sessions on APIs, microservices, the IoT, big data, and apps.
How APIs reduce sales friction
by Greg Brail Sep 29, 2015
Imagine two companies. Both sell a complex and expensive service to complex and well-funded customers. Imagine that they sell very expensive, yet largely mass-produced, widgets like “virtual private networks,... Read more
Technology makes it possible to use a self-service model to create businesses that delight customers more quickly and more cheaply. It may not have happened in every business yet, but it will.

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