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by Olaf Domis Mar 21, 2016
APIs are nothing new to Thomson Reuters. The media and information company has used the technology to help provide information to business people, financial analysts, lawyers, accountants, and scientists since the 1990s... Read more
We spoke with Ian Cooper and Saori Fotenos during I Love APIs 2015 about the challenges of driving broad acceptance of APIs across the business.
Digital Business
Apigee's testimony before the ONC API Task...
by Greg Brail Mar 18, 2016
Apigee was invited to submit testimony to a January 2016 meeting of the API Task Force of the Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology (known as the ONC). The Task Force posed a series of... Read more
The third and final part of my testimony on API security before the ONC's API Task Force.
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Webcast replay
by Olaf Domis Mar 16, 2016
How do checklists help organizations succeed with APIs, and do so with various roles across business, IT, operations, and security? If you're an architect, CISO, ops engineer, or API business or product owner, this... Read more
Learn how checklists help organizations succeed with APIs, across various roles.
Digital Business
by Olaf Domis Mar 15, 2016
When hotel management company Glh went live with its first API (a hotel room availability API), it expected a trickle of interest. It got a torrent. “We partnered with a travel agency and we thought we’d get... Read more
We spoke with Glh's Matthew Newton at I Love APIs 2015 about how APIs play a key role in helping Glh “disrupt the traditional hotel management model."
Key criteria for selecting a digital...
by Olaf Domis Mar 15, 2016
As Forrester analyst Randy Heffner wrote in a recent report, APIs are the underpinning of digital business platforms. They help enterprises prepare for an unpredictable future. So what goes into the evaluation of an API... Read more
We've reduced the process of building an RFP for API management from hours to minutes with this handy RFP template.
Digital Business
A lighthearted look at SOA and today's agile...
by Olaf Domis Mar 14, 2016
For more on why APIs are the underpinning of today's digital use cases, read the eBook, "Beyond ESB Architecture with APIs." 
Why APIs are taking over the world (infographic).
Create new APIs while minimizing work from...
by Alan Ho Mar 10, 2016
In the previous two posts in this series, Belly's director of platform Darby Frey discussed why the popular rewards program needed an API management platform and how Apigee Edge helped the company customize APIs for... Read more
In the third part of this series, Belly's Darby Frey discusses how Apigee helped speed the launch of a new mobile app.

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