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by Anant Jhingran, Rajesh Jadhav & Madhurranjan Mohaan Sep 15, 2016
Those of you who have done cloud deployments know that Murphy’s Law is always right around the corner. You’ve tested everything, and you know more testing will only make you non-competitive. So let’s... Read more
Murphy’s Law is always right around the corner with cloud deployments. Blue/green deployment to the rescue.
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by Olaf Domis Jun 29, 2016
As you move your workloads to the cloud or build new cloud-native applications, how will you connect them with other apps and data that still reside in your data centers, or in other clouds? The de facto standard to... Read more
In this webcast, we discuss best practices for managing APIs in the cloud world.
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by Anant Jhingran May 25, 2016
The principles of cloud computing might be decades old, but it wasn’t until 2006, when Amazon entered the cloud market, that the modern cloud era really began. Like the processor virtualization market a decade... Read more
If you’re not thinking about APIs as you embark upon your cloud journey, you’re thinking wrong.
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by Olaf Domis May 20, 2016
As the second most popular public cloud platform, Microsoft Azure offers a ton of new services that accelerate the productivity of all types of developers (.NET and Node.js, for example). Apigee Edge is now available in... Read more
Join Microsoft's Greg Oliver and Apigee's Sandeep Murusupalli to learn about running Apigee Edge on Azure.
by Chris Vogel Mar 26, 2015
In our continued focus on customer success, I wanted to update you on some exciting changes and additions to how we support our customers. P1 response and restoration goals We define P1s as critical production... Read more
We're aiming higher with our repsonse and restoration goals, and we've redoubled our efforts to help Apigee users get answers to their questions, quickly.

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