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Digital Business
by Evan Scheessele, HP Inc. Sep 13, 2016
My company, HP Inc., is a “new” company—the world’s largest startup, if you will—having formed last November upon the separation of Hewlett Packard Corp. So we’re still building out our company’s publicly-visible API-... Read more
How do software platforms and their APIs best support HP's new business ambitions, from executing on product strategy all the way to measurable customer success?
Digital Business
by Bryan Kirschner Jul 20, 2016
“How many APIs do we have?” If this email from your CEO or a board member hasn’t hit your inbox yet, it’s coming. Six out of ten corporate board members are now saying they want more focus... Read more
A CIO's fate doesn't depend upon how many APIs there are at an enterprise, but on an accurate understanding of the APIs that actually matter.

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