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CTO Musings
How to ensure your APIs aren't naked
by Sai Koppala & Joel D'Sa Sep 26, 2016
Over the last few years, we’ve witnessed hundreds of enterprises launching API initiatives. This post is the first in a series that aims to distill our learnings from all these customer engagements and share best... Read more
Organizations should create proxies in front of their APIs with an API management platform and enforce a set of consistent security policies at the API proxy layer.
by Prithpal Bhogill Jul 27, 2016
Okta is a popular identity and access management solution that shares several customers with Apigee. Often, customers whose API calls flow through Apigee and rely on Apigee as the OAuth provider for all of their apps... Read more
Often, customers whose API calls flow through Apigee and rely on Apigee as the OAuth provider for all of their apps also want to use Okta for end-user authentication. How can they make this a seamless process?
CTO Musings
by Sai Koppala, Layne Bro, and Joel D'Sa May 19, 2016
From time to time, we will have guest authors weigh in on specific topics here. While I’m  interested in all topics, and have opinions on almost all things related to APIs and data :), sometimes it’s better to let the... Read more
By mandating the use of APIs to access critical enterprise data, enterprises can create effective security control points and gain several security advantages.
Webcast replay
by Olaf Domis Dec 02, 2015
Bad bots can scrape your inventory and pricing information, and steal consumer credentials. Bots can also put stress on backend services and impact your SLA to customers and partners, especially around events like Black... Read more
In this webcast replay, we discuss a new, data-driven approach to identify and stop bad bots automatically.
by Olaf Domis Oct 09, 2015
What are the biggest cyber threats facing financial and healthcare entities today and in the near future? How can organizations embrace innovation and agile development culture while balancing the time to market goals... Read more
Join Jason Kobus, director of API banking at Silicon Valley Bank, and Apigee's head of security Subra Kumaraswamy in this webcast replay as they discuss how an effective API program, combined with a secure API management platform, can provide visibility for all security threats targeting their backend services.
by Olaf Domis Aug 05, 2015
Organizations need a fresh prespesctive on API governance to realize the true benefits of an "API-first" approach and the efficiencies that an API management platform can bring.  In this webcast replay,... Read more
In this webcast replay, Apigee's Subra Kumaraswamy and Chris von See explore new approaches to API governance aimed at realizing the benefits of an "API-first" approach.
by Olaf Domis Feb 12, 2015
Opening up your APIs in an effort to create engaging experiences might feel like it comes at a cost to security. But the balance can be struck with the right API architecture that builds in security at every stage. In... Read more
In this webcast, we discuss the proper security architecture and security patterns for app and API access control.  Read more...

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