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Digital Business
Build digital with the right foundation
by Helen Whelan Jan 21, 2016
What does it mean to be a digital business?  It means delivering the seamless connected experiences demanded by today’s customers, partners, and employees. It means securely unlocking the value that companies... Read more
See how Apigee’s intelligent API platform enables businesses to build, secure, manage, scale, analyze, and connect all their APIs and build the foundation for a company’s digital future.
Digital Business
by Bryan Kirschner Oct 20, 2015
If you chose your PC in the 1990s because you wanted specific software applications (and not based on how much you liked the operating system), or if you made the jump to an iPhone from a Blackberry a few years back,... Read more
Platform strategists call the cycle in which an ecosystem of developers attracts more end users a “network effect.” Network effects often generate hockey-stick shaped growth curves, like those of Windows and iOS.
Digital Business
Unlock data and unleash the power of...
by Chet Kapoor Sep 16, 2015
What do McDonald’s, Walmart, and Amazon have in common? They’re all companies that were created to take advantage of change—whether it’s societal change, supply chain advances, or the arrival of... Read more
Companies—many of them over 100 years old—are rebuilding their businesses around digital technology. They're doing this by becoming digital platforms. But how do they get there?

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