Apigee Edge

Apigee, for the Edge in digital business

Apigee Edge enables digital business acceleration with a unified and complete platform, purpose-built for the digital economy.  Edge simplifies managing the entire digital value chain with API Services, Developer Services, and Analytics Services.

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Edge API Services - Product Brief

Manage, scale, secure, and build APIs and apps

Apigee Edge API Services is designed to unite the best of Internet and enterprise technologies to provide rock-solid reliability, and enterprise-grade flexibility all in the industry’s most complete and unified platform. Edge API Services provide the foundation that meets digital business requirements by providing a modern architecture that enables you to manage, scale, secure, and build the APIs and apps that deliver value in the digital economy

Apigee Edge Developer Services

Scaling the reach and revenue of your APIs

Apigee Edge Developer Services provides the tools and infrastructure needed to drive your developer and partner success. Internal and external app developers and partners represent brand new channels. The greater the success of the developer’s product - the app - the more likely is the success of your digital strategy.

Apigee Edge Analytics Services

End-to-end visibility across the digital value chain

Edge Analytics Services enable end-to-end visibility across the digital value chain with operational, developer, App performance, and business metrics that are necessary to monitor, measure, and manage success.

Apigee Insights

Increase marketing effectiveness and customer satisfaction with API-driven adaptive apps

Apigee Insights provides GRASP-powered big data predictive analytics that increases marketing effectiveness and customer satisfaction with API-driven adaptive apps that anticipate, learn, and adapt to deliver contextual, individualized interactions.

Apigee Insights for CTM

Predict and prevent complaints, grievances, and appeals

Apigee Insights for CTM enables Healthcare Payers to predict members likely to file a complaint, grievance or appeal, investigate the root cause of the complaint, and report on the results of the intervention program. Insights for CTM increases member satisfaction, reduces complaints to Medicare, and improves your CTM star rating metric.

Apigee Edge API Monetization

Extending the value of your digital strategy

API monetization increases the business value of APIs with revenue models based on fees, freemium, and revenue sharing. Monetization capabilities enable the API provider to manage revenue plans for individuals, groups of developers, and an entire developer community—and even inside the enterprise by enabling chargebacks from business units that use company APIs.

Edge One Region DN Expansion

High performance & availability for global deployments

Apigee Edge One Region DN Expansion (API-DN) ensures that applications built on APIs deliver optimized data with extremely high performance and high availability to
devices anywhere in the world. 
API-DN puts the API where your customers are, giving the enterprise global reach into the thousands of new market segments created by mobile, social, and cloud apps. APIs are the foundation of interdependent Web services, and just like you'd never think of launching a website without using a content delivery network, businesses shouldn't launch a global app strategy without global API distribution and acceleration.


Backend as a Service streamlines app development

API Services includes an integrated Backend as a Service (BaaS), which provides web and mobile app developers with a way to link their apps to a cloud datastore and provide
features such as user management, push notifications, and integration with social networking and geolocation services. Edge API BaaS also enables App event logging which is used in Edge Analytics Services to bring visibility to App usage.

App Performance Monitoring: Edge Product Brief

Monitor app usage, performance, and crashes

This Apigee Edge product brief describes how App Performance Monitoring enables you to monitor the usage, errors and crashes, and performance of your apps so you can take corrective action before issues drive customers away and impact your app store ratings.

Apigee for iPad

Dashboard On-The-Go

Apigee for iPad is a real-time, interactive, and actionable dashboard for your API program on Apigee.

Apigee for iPad delivers a top-level view of your app and API infrastructure, which is consistent with the dashboard view you see regularly on the Apigee management UI. Apigee for iPad enables you to focus on the top metrics to gauge the health of your digital business. Apigee for iPad is based on Apigee’s experience with hundreds of enterprise deployments and more than a hundred thousand developers.

Apigee Exchange for Telecommunications

A Global API Network of Telecommunications Capabilities

Your customers are not where they used to be. They are moving from a billion browsers to trillions of apps on mobile devices, social networks, and cloud services. This is the new app economy, driven by a new indirect channel and a new value chain. The app developer is the key component in this new channel that allows companies to expand reach, deliver services to consumers, and grow revenue. App users want seamless experiences regardless of devices, networks, or global location. However, the market is fragmented for telecom operators. To provide a seamless experience for consumers today, app developers must work with multiple operators’ APIs...

Apigee Instructor-led Training

Knowledge, education and enablement for the digital world of apps, data, and APIs

Expand your knowledge and advance your skills in the digital world of apps, data, and APIs with Apigee Academy Education. Our instructor-led courses provide in-classroom instruction and hands-on workshops delivered by subject matter experts from Apigee’s customer success team.

Digital Transformation Services: Summary

A one-page synopsis of the Digital Transformation Services offering

Designed for the managers who are entrusted to chart the unique course to digital transformation within your enterprise, our discovery-based approach traverses all key aspects of the business to produce a customized roadmap for change. Our techniques are built on millions of hours of experience, and enable your digital journey from executive buy-in to hands-on operational change. 

Digital Transformation Services: Topics Details

Find the digital transformation topics that fit your needs

This comprehensive list of topics describes details of Apigee's Digital Transformation Services offerings. While each topic has a unique central concept, it is not mutually exclusive from the others; together they describe most aspects of healthy API programs.

Digital Transformation Services: Packages

Engagement packages customized to your needs

Most enterprises engage Apigee's Digital Transformation Services to achieve dramatic acceleration in their journey into the digital economy. To be effective, we recommend you address several topics holistically, including the linkages between them. 
Engagements are highly customized and these packages represent the starting point, which will be refined to address the specific needs of your enterprise. The topics chosen for each engagement are described in the Digital Transformation Services: Topics Details datasheet.


Digital Transformation Services: Benchmarking Services

Know what it takes to win in the digital world

As companies in every industry digitally transform, the leaders are setting new standards for organizational agility, time to market for new products and services, and the quality of the customer and partner experience. Our empirically based, research-driven benchmarking can tell you precisely where you stand in relation to proven patterns for success and against the competitors that matter most. Custom benchmarking accelerates progress and reduces risk by eliminating guesswork as you move to master competing and winning as a digital business.

Digital Transformation Services: Diagnostic Session

Rapidly generate customized, measurable, short-term actions

To accelerate enterprises down the path of transformation, we have created a half-day diagnostic session—a tool designed to rapidly generate customized short-term actions with which senior executives can immediately direct their management teams and begin to measure progress. These actions are driven by specific goals and measurements that can be applied right away. 
In addition, the session results in an option for a Digital Transformation Services engagement, which would develop and put into action a precisely tailored, complete, and holistic strategy to accelerate the transition into the digital economy. If the session is extended to a full day, we generate an individualized step-by-step plan, or syllabus, to serve as a framework for an accelerated path forward.

Digital Transformation Services: All Datasheets

Accelerate your transition into the digital world

This PDF is a compendium of all the datasheets for Apigee's Digital Transformation Services (DTS) offerings. Component datasheets include:
  • Digital Transformation Services Summary
  • Digital Transformation Services Topics
  • Digital Transformation Services Packages
  • Digital Transformation Services Diagnostics
  • Digital Transformation Services Benchmarking

Apigee Insights: Customer Journey Analysis

Understand your customers’ journey in 6 weeks

The Apigee Insights Customer Journey Analysis offering enables enterprises to quickly get started to understand and optimize the customer journey across multiple channels of interaction.

With this offering, enterprises can:

  • Understand the customer journey across multiple channels
  • Identify focus areas for customer experience improvement
  • Profile customers across journeys

What are your data and services worth?

Basics of API Monetization