I ♥ APIs 2013: Apigee CEO Chet Kapoor and four great keynote speakers and "CDOs"—Carole McCluskey (Outerwall), Michael Redding (Accenture), Abhi Ingle (AT&T), Aneesh Chopra...
Every Business is a Digital Business: I Love APIs Keynote
Consumers in today's programmable world are deriving value from connected experiences that extend beyond their smartphones, tablets, and PCs. Learn about GM OnStar's journey through 17 years o...
The Connected Car is Here - General Motors Onstar
Successful API programs combine apps, APIs and data into a formidable technological force. Hear from Anant Jhingran's keynote at I ♥ APIs 2013 about how every company is an analytics compan...
Are You an Analytics Company?
In this session Apigee technologists demonstrate how node.js can be used to extend the programmability of the Apigee platform. Learn how to build an API using node.js and open source tools, how to add OAuth authorization and other features, and how to deploy it to Apigee.
The API is the journey and not the destination. Gregory Brail's keynote covered the evolution of APIs from HTTP to Pragmatic REST to today's generation APIs where user experience is the focus....
Let's Talk About APIs
Discover how to build APIs using the Apigee API Services toolkit. Deep dive into Apigee's API design and management technology including OAuth and security, persistence & caching, Node.js and more. Chris discusses how to implement optimal client-side API security, configuring proxy runtime characteristics, scripting capabilities in Apigee Edge, and the API Services datastore.

"Man on the Street" at I Love APIs 2013

Every Business is a Digital Business

The Journey to Digital Transformation