Discover how to build APIs using the Apigee API Services toolkit. Deep dive into Apigee's API design and management technology including OAuth and security, persistence & caching, Node.js and more. Chris discusses how to implement optimal client-side API security, configuring proxy runtime characteristics, scripting capabilities in Apigee Edge, and the API Services datastore.

In this session Apigee technologists demonstrate how node.js can be used to extend the programmability of the Apigee platform. Learn how to build an API using node.js and open source tools, how to add OAuth authorization and other features, and how to deploy it to Apigee.

Building upon their prior work in API design, Marsh Gardiner and Brian Mulloy unveil RV, a style of API design that embraces developer adoption as its guiding principle. They explore the constraints and opportunities introduced by RV and discuss RV's place in the context of other design approaches like REST and Hypermedia.

iloveapis2013-executing your digital strategy-intro

Enterprises win in today's digital world by transforming digital assets into innovation engines that developers build upon. I ♥ APIs, Apigee’s first user and industry conference was full of business and technology leaders who are driving innovation and delivering real business results across every industry in today's digital world.

Now that you have built your API, how do you let the right people have access to the right API at the right time? This talk covers the basics of API access management and then does a deep dive into modern authorization architectures.

There’s no surprise that the value of an API requires data. What will you do with this important marriage of data and API? Learn from Aashima Gupta, Executive Director, Digital Technology & Incubation Solutions at Kaiser Permanente how you can extract value from data for your API program.

This presentation covers the evolution of APIs at eBay and how they are tackling the problem of enabling app developers to easily build a complete marketplaces shopping experience on any device using any platform.

Analytics are key to unlocking the potential of the data in your digital ecosystem. Learn how Apigee Analytics provides end-to-end visibility into your business with the ability to analyze 360 degrees of information from API programs, external online sources, and your internal systems.

The success of an API is largely dependent on how easily developers can build against it. Learn how the Apigee platform enables efficient onboarding of developers including how to make your API easily discovered and explored, app/developer key management, auto-generated API documentation, and more.

A Journey to Launching an API - Kaiser Permanente

Taking the road less traveled is fraught with challenges, it takes courage and a relentless pursuit to your vision of the value of APIs. Madhu Nutakki, VP, Digital Presence Technologies tells Kaiser Permanente’s story about this important journey.