A Journey to Launching an API - Kaiser Permanente

Taking the road less traveled is fraught with challenges, it takes courage and a relentless pursuit to your vision of the value of APIs. Madhu Nutakki, VP, Digital Presence Technologies tells Kaiser Permanente’s story about this important journey.

From Marconi to the Future of Networks

Wireless networks from the beginning have been designed and implemented to satisfy applications. This talk provides an evolutionary view of the challenges, capabilities, and opportunities of networks past, present, and future.

Conviction, Alignment, Agility - Bryan Kirschner

Three Keys to Getting & Staying on the Right Side of the Digital Divide. In this session, hear the real world findings from the Apigee Institute on why the digital divide is rapidly growing and how leading enterprises have the conviction, alignment, and agility required to be the dominant players of tomorrow.

The Connected Car is Here - General Motors Onstar

Consumers in today's programmable world are deriving value from connected experiences that extend beyond their smartphones, tablets, and PCs. Learn about GM OnStar's journey through 17 years of connectivity: how they are opening up to developers and creating a thriving digital ecosystem through APIs, apps, and data.

Putting an API Around Our Stores - Walgreens

Walgreens made headlines in 2012 by releasing APIs for mobile developers to enable photo printing from smartphones and quickly followed up with an API for prescription drugs. But what's a traditional business like Walgreens doing with an API? Tim McCauley and Joe Rago share Walgreens' journey through the digital transformation of a century old brick-and-mortar enterprise.