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Enterprises win in today's digital world by transforming digital assets into innovation engines that developers build upon. I ♥ APIs, Apigee’s first user and industry conference was full of business and technology leaders who are driving innovation and delivering real business results across every industry in today's digital world.

Every Business is a Digital Business: I Love APIs Keynote

I ♥ APIs 2013: Apigee CEO Chet Kapoor and four great keynote speakers and "CDOs"—Carole McCluskey (Outerwall), Michael Redding (Accenture), Abhi Ingle (AT&T), Aneesh Chopra (Former CTO - USA)—kicked off I ♥ APIs, Apigee’s first user and industry conference in inspiring fashion describing how every business is a digital business and how Chief Digital Officers (whether they have CDO as title on their business card or not) are leading enterprise innovation and transforming physical value networks with digital value networks.

Let's Talk About APIs

The API is the journey and not the destination. Gregory Brail's keynote covered the evolution of APIs from HTTP to Pragmatic REST to today's generation APIs where user experience is the focus. Greg covers the lessons learned through the past decade since the first public APIs from Yahoo!, eBay, Amazon, Google etc. Hear about Apigee's products and capabilities -  Edge, Insights, Exchange, API Modeling and it's open source offerings . .

Are You an Analytics Company?

Successful API programs combine apps, APIs and data into a formidable technological force. Hear from Anant Jhingran's keynote at I ♥ APIs 2013 about how every company is an analytics company first; about how analytics and digital success go hand-in-hand. Hear how the CAVA framework—Collect | Analyze | Visualize | Act—drives successful digital transformation.