Modern apps require data services that your back-end infrastructure may lack.Discover how to build successful apps using the Apigee API Services toolkit. Learn how your developers can take advantage of Apigee's mBaaS solution to build and scale their apps without having to stand up an internal database. Deep dive into the API-enabled backend system that enables developers to build features like user management, push notifications, social graph, geo-location and more.

Discover how to build APIs using the Apigee API Services toolkit. Deep dive into Apigee's API design and management technology including OAuth and security, persistence & caching, Node.js and more. Chris discusses how to implement optimal client-side API security, configuring proxy runtime characteristics, scripting capabilities in Apigee Edge, and the API Services datastore.

Analytics are key to unlocking the potential of the data in your digital ecosystem. Learn how Apigee Analytics provides end-to-end visibility into your business with the ability to analyze 360 degrees of information from API programs, external online sources, and your internal systems.

The success of an API is largely dependent on how easily developers can build against it. Learn how the Apigee platform enables efficient onboarding of developers including how to make your API easily discovered and explored, app/developer key management, auto-generated API documentation, and more.

Bala Kasiviswanathan from the Apigee product team on Apigee's key products and technology. Learn how customers use Apigee to grow reach with mobile apps, accelerate development and create new products through APIs, and gain end-to-end visibility into business and operations by analyzing 360 degrees of information.