Develop an App: Week 1 Class Materials

Week 1 includes 2 videos, 1 quiz question and 3 exercises that can be accessed below.

Video 1: HTML5 & Mobile Part 1

Time Commitment:

The course time commitment of 60-90 minutes a week assumes you have some coding background. If you are a new to coding, we are very happy to have you onboard, but please allocate a few hours a week to get through the course material.


Quiz Question:

Quiz questions are an exercise to support concepts covered in the preceding video. Please think about the correct answer below and then we will then go over the answer in the next video.

Of the three HTML features below, one is not like the others.  Please identify which feature is different and think about why.

  • Geolocation
  • Data-attributes
  • History


Video 2: HTML5 & Mobile Part 2

Links referenced in this video: