API Cost decreases with use of the API
Apigee Edge is available as subscription or perpetual license and in both cloud and on-premises deployment models providing the flexibility to deploy in either environment and easily change at any time, which is particularly helpful to reduce time-to-market. A number of options simplify tailoring the solution to your exact requirements, including monetization capabilities, which enable plans to extract greater value from use of your APIs. Cloud deployments also include options for distributed regional coverage with API Distribution Network (API-DN), and compliance suitable for PCI and HIPAA environments. See the Edge datasheet and the Apigee Edge: Deployment Models eBook.
Apigee Developer is a free, self-service, non-expiring trial of Apigee Edge. Apigee Developer provides the same functionality as Apigee Edge, but as a cloud service only and without an enterprise SLA and some add-on components available in Edge. See Apigee Developer vs. Apigee Edge capabilities.


Apigee Insights is also available in cloud and on-premise deployments and can be used stand alone to glean insights from data in call centers or any other channel. Insights can also be added to Edge to provide the infrastructure for adaptive apps and APIs. Insights is designed to work directly with existing Hadoop big data deployments providing greater return on your existing investment. If you do not have an existing big data deployment, Insights will provide all the required infrastructure. See the Insights datasheet.

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