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Priced based on capacity
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Deployment Models
Cloud or On-Premises


API Services
Unlimited ability to scale

Backed by SLA

Unlimited Node.js apps

Shared capacity:
No monthly API limits


Up to 5 Node.js apps
Analytics and Data
Scale to unlimited TB

Push Notifications: priced on capacity and data

25 Gigabytes for storage

Push Notifications: 10 million free per month

Developer Services
Developer Portal with 3 environments (development/test/production)

Unlimited developer keys

API monetization capabilities

No developer portal

Unlimited developer keys

No API monetization

Enterprise-class support and SLAs

Access via Support Portal with Live Chat

Support via Stack Overflow

24x7 global operations team

Up to 99.99%

24x7 global operations team

Up to 99.0%

PCI and HIPAA Compliance Yes No
API Access to Features & Your Data Yes Yes
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