Apigee Edge Pricing & Features

Launch like a startup, scale like an enterprise.

Edge Free
Sign up and start building now!
Edge SMB
All the power in a smaller footprint
Enterprise API management for digital business
ApI Calls Per Quarter
Starts at 25 Million API calls/quarter. Overages scale on a rate card.
Promotional pricing through August 31 2015 (list price $2500/month). Available as 1 year subscription. Monthly payments available summer 2015.
1 named support contact ( i.e. you get Web portal account for your support tickets), Unlimited community (forum) support
Multiple named support contact (i.e. you can have as many people that can enter your support tickets as you want), unlimited community forum support
Developer Portal
Sandbox portal for proof-of-concept, non-production use
Number of APIs and API products
Number of developers supported
Basic API policies
Mediation, Traffic Management, Extension, API Security, Error Handling, and more...
Advanced API policies
Transformation, Cache, Quota, OAuth, Operational Analytics, Alerts & Monitoring, and more...
Run Node.js apps on the Apigee gateway
Up to 5 Node.js apps
API white-labeling
White-label your API (i.e. https://api.mycompany.com)
Java callouts and Python scripting
Web services callouts permitted
Web services callouts permitted
Websockets support
Distributed traffic management policies
Synchronous Rate limiting/spike arrest, and Message logging policies
Availability SLA
99.9% for single-region distribution; 99.99% for distributed network (DN)
Analytics Data Retention
Limited to 25 gigabytes of storage
API BaaS (backend-as-a-service)
Not provisioned as part of this paid service. You can still use the free trial BaaS but it's not licensed as part of this subscription.
API access to features and data
Distributed Network (multi-region presence)
Monetization engine
PCI/HIPAA Compliance