Intelligent API Management

Intelligent API Management

Secure, manage, and grow with Apigee Edge
Secure your APIs from threats and business spikes


  • Use the industry best API platform, which handles billions of API calls at 99.999% availability.
  • Protect your APIs from OWASP known top 10 threats and adaptive threats such as bad bots.
  • Meet performance SLAs globally by deploying in the Apigee cloud or in your private cloud. 
Run your APIs anywhere, at scale


  • Federated gateways run anywhere, while the central API platform is in the cloud.
  • Enforce consistent security and traffic management policies across your enterprise.
  • Easily discover APIs and gain visibility into use and performance of all APIs.
Rapidly grow your partner and developer ecosystem


  • ‚Äč Automate developer onboarding (registration, keys, docs) with a self-service developer portal.
  •  Enable developers to easily consume APIs with rich, interactive API docs and Open API/Swagger.
  •  Offer partners and developers varying SLAs and billing by simple configuration in the API platform.
Gain deep insights into your APIs


  • Extend pre-built analytics with custom metrics, analytics APIs, or use self-service custom reports.
  • Measure your API performance in less than 5 min. intervals and get alerts on failures or slowdowns.
  • Use business reports and developer usage metrics to grow your API program.
Build APIs with tools you will love


  • Quickly build APIs using OpenAPI (formerly, Swagger) specs and a visual proxy editor.
  • Apply dozens of pre-built proxy policies or write code in Node.js or with Java.
  • Manage API versions seamlessly with zero downtime upgrades and rollbacks.
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