Apigee Edge: Intelligent API Management

Apigee Edge: Intelligent API Management

Manage, secure, scale, and analyze your APIs with Apigee Edge
Design and Develop Better APIs… Fast!
Enable agile API development and maintain secure reliable back-end operations
Design and Develop APIs

APIs and apps evolve at a different pace than backend systems.

Build and deliver apps at the speed demanded by customers, partners, and employees without compromising the reliability and stability of back-end systems. This is two-speed IT.

Modernize Your APIs
Unlock the data from back-end systems to build mobile- and web-ready services.
A visual proxy editor with more than 30 out-of-the-box policies lets you configure your API proxy and get up-and-running in minutes.
Mobile-ready Services
Keep your development team focused on delivering exceptional user experiences.
Our turnkey, mobile Backend-as-a-Service (mBaas) is a NoSQL graph database that makes it easy to develop apps with social graphs, user management, data storage, push notifications, performance monitoring, and more.
Create New Services
Design with Swagger. Develop in Node. Leverage Edge API management tools.
Great API design requires iteration. Make API design a key part of your software development lifecycle by using Swagger, Node, and Edge together to build better APIs.
API Security at all Points of Engagement
API and data security, threat protection, regulatory compliance & identity management

API Security matters

The right API security architecture.

Configurable policies for access control and threat protection with support for:

  • LDAP, Active Directory, SAML, OAuth, TLS
  • PCI DSS, HIPAA, EU Safe Harbor
PCI and HIPAA compliant
Companies in regulated sectors trust Apigee to secure their data to meet their compliance needs.
Apigee Edge not only complies with HIPAA & PCI DSS, but allows you to create a more secure environment to mitigate risk and help you prove compliance. We did the hard work so you don’t have to.
Cloud Security for your APIs and Data
Our customers securely share data with their partners by hosting their APIs on Apigee’s cloud.
Leveraging cloud scale operations and automation, our global security team continuously monitors the cloud infrastructure hosting customer APIs and data, and proactively mitigates threats.
Bot Protection
Our retail customers get visibility into their API abuse patterns and mitigate bot attacks.
Visualize traffic anomalies and API use to quickly identify unauthorized access. Block unauthorized traffic in minutes to protect your data and API performance.
Deploy & Scale Your APIs With Ease
Cloud scale, global presence, centralized management

The always-on API platform.

Whether you're a lean startup or global telco carrier, your API traffic can spike in traffic at any time, and you have to be fast and available for your users 24x7.

Achieve Cloud Scale
On Black Friday, our retail customers achieved 99.99% availability for millions of transactions
Operating at cloud scale is challenging. Take advantage of our always-on, scale-on-demand, globally available API platform and avoid lost revenue, developer defection, and customer dissatisfaction.
Go Global
A global hotel reservations provider leverages Apigee to interact with its worldwide partners
Our distributed architecture leverages globally available, fault tolerant, scalable technology and data replication, caching and configurable routing to ensure that your APIs and data are close to your customers.
API-first Management
Education publisher chooses Apigee for its API-first approach to API management
Our API-first approach to centralized management means that your DevOps team can quickly and easily change your APIs regardless of where they’re deployed.
Engage Developers Internally and Externally
You could have the best APIs in the world, but what if no one used it?

The future of your API program is at stake.

Without adoption, your APIs don't matter. A developer portal is the face of your API program, providing everything that internal, partner, and third party developers need.

Interactive API Documentation
When developers have questions, they search, but also need interactivity to experiment quickly.
A major payment gateway provider launched its developer portal using Apigee Edge SmartDocs to create an interactive developer experience.
Self Service
Thousands of developers access APIs through hundreds of developer portals powered by Apigee.
Developers explore and test your APIs in order to understand what they can build with them. Apigee’s developer portal enables access to your APIs and interactive API documentation in a completely self-service manner.
A Proven Enterprise-grade CMS
Hundreds of companies use our developer portal’s complete customizability to match their brand.
Apigee's developer portal is built atop Drupal, which enterprises trust as a best-of-breed content management system.
Pulse of Your APIs
API Health: Rest assured that your APIs are alive and well
api monitoring

Delight Your Customers

Use API Health to know that your APIs are behaving well and delivering the desired end-user mobile and web app experience from anywhere in the world. Measure API performance and get alerted to any failures or slowdowns.

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Internal Link
Three easy steps to create probes that measure response times and accuracy of API responses.
(1) Specify your own API or a third-party API and the validation criteria, (2) set frequency of data collection and alert conditions, and (3) select run locations.
Model complex user experiences where apps make multiple API calls to complete a single interaction.
Create composite probes by linking multiple API calls through response chaining. Extract variables using JSON Path or response headers, use custom JavaScript to propagate data across APIs and create advanced functions.
Measure your APIs as seen from various locations around the world.
Continuously measure success rates and response times for all APIs using probes deployed across multiple globally distributed data centers. Use analytics charts and event logs to compare and investigate those results.
Comprehensive Visibility With API Analytics
Measure and analyze API traffic through automatic and continuous data collection

API analytics. Know what works and doesn’t.

  • Performance, latency, and error analysis
  • App and developer adoption
  • Geo and device distribution
  • Custom reports and API analytics
  • One minute data aggregation
Ready to Use
Citrix helps developers improve user experience by measuring and addressing app errors and latency.
As soon as you deploy your APIs, visualize changes and trends with API traffic and performance using OOTB dashboards and interactive charts. No coding or configuration required.
Complete Flexibility
Over 100 million queries generating reports and graphs every month.
Use our built-in custom charts or our analytics APIs to create your own reports from over 15 ready-to-use metrics that can be grouped by over 60 dimensions, or add your own custom metrics using your API message payload.
Fine-grained Analysis
A media content provider measures user activations and data feeds for live sports and media events.
With continuous data collection and fine-grained analysis, see meaningful API trends, spikes, and failures that may not be apparent when analytics are measured at coarse aggregation intervals.
Profit From the API Economy
Innovate and iterate on new business models with your APIs

Over 20 out of the box pricing models with end-to-end billing.

Apigee’s monetization features enable your API team to package, price, and publish your APIs. Your partners and developers can purchase access to your APIs.

Experiment Business Models
A major geolocation API provider is experimenting with business models - Freemium to Revenue Share.
Develop an unlimited number of pricing models using our rate plan designer. This is important as finding the most effective API monetization model is often iterative.
Billing for Global Customers
A leading business profile data provider is using monetization to track partner usage and billing.
We support multiple currencies, tax models, billing and export usage reports to be used with your accounting systems. Simplify billing complexities due to disparate back-end financial systems.
Identify Up-sell Opportunities
A leading content provider is using our solution to set API usage limits and notify partners.
Track usage in real time and use limits and notifications to communicate with your partners on their usage and plans. Reduce risk with proactive partner management.

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