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Evolve your devices business into a digital IoT platform
IoT Ecosystems
Grow IoT ecosystems
IoT Ecosystems
Grow ecosystems of connected devices, mobile apps, customers, and partners. Offer new digital and mobile experiences to customers, create new revenue streams with partners, and grow your business
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Rules & Applications
Develop data-intensive real-time experiences by authoring rules, alerts, and hub and cloud apps
Device Data Analytics
Generate actionable intelligence by analyzing event data from devices
Rapidly build digital experiences with iOS SDK (more planned) and add devices with device driver SDK
Device APIs
Connect devices to the cloud
IoT Value Chain
Securely connect devices to the cloud and access them using built-in REST APIs
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Device Identity & Mgmt
Manage devices by identifying, provisioning, activating, diagnosing & monitoring distributed devices
Device Data Streaming
Capture a complete picture of the physical environment by streaming, ingesting sensor, actuator data
Open Source Mediation
Communicate with any device by mediating between protocols, including HTTP, ZigBee, BLE, and MQTT

Next Steps

Apigee Edge: an API management platform for building, securing, analyzing, and scaling APIs and apps.

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