Business at Digital Speed & Scale

Edge: More API deployments run on Edge than any other platform. Hundreds of digital leaders use Apigee to drive their mobile and digital strategies with APIs, apps, and data. Edge includes: 

  • API Services to securely transform back-end services into easily consumable APIs
  • Analytics Services to provide end-to-end visibility across the entire digital value chain
  • Developer Services with integrated monetization to accelerate development and reduce

API Scalability

To compete and win at the new speed and scale of the digital world, enterprises must anticipate rapid and ongoing change and adapt with speed and agility. This digital acceleration requires a commitment to becoming a data-driven business that executes with new levels of scale, insight, and agility.

  • Scale: digital services must be delivered seamlessly across a multitude of mobile devices and digital channels, with the ability to support unlimited growth
  • Insight: digital intelligence is required to understand and predict business change and deliver services tailored to customers’ needs
  • Agility: data-driven digital businesses must quickly adapt to and execute change

Digital Acceleration with Edge

Edge, designed for an API-first approach, goes far beyond the capabilities commonly found in API Management products, and enables companies to successfully transform to a digital business. Edge provides:

  • A complete platform to deliver and scale apps, APIs, and data for digital business
  • Enterprise-grade security to protect sensitive data
  • End-to-end business channel and operational visibility 
  • Integrated BaaS (back-end as a service) for developers to build engaging apps
  • Developer tools and services to make developers successful on your API
  • Carrier-grade cloud and on-premises deployment

API Security

Secure Enterprise APIs

In the world of accelerated digitization, the IT mandate is still to provide secure access to services while protecting customers and the business from threats, back-end overload, and service issues.

API-centric security architecture and traffic management is critical to securing and managing APIs and it demands enterprise-grade security.

Edge provides a unified security infrastructure that ensures optimized performance, reduced latency, and the security your enterprise needs. Edge security capabilities include:

  • RBAC (role-based access control)
  • fine-grained policy management for authorization
  • authentication for users, developers, and administrators
  • authentication for APIs via OAuth, SAML, and LDAP
  • threat protection against XML, JSON, and DoS attacks
  • content-based routing, rate-limiting, and protection against traffic spikes
  • performance optimization and throttling on back-end connections

API & App Analytics

Visibility to Monitor, Manage, Measure

Responding to customers and market changes fast is the key to user satisfaction and real business success.

Digital intelligence is required to understand and predict business change and deliver services tailored to customers’ needs.

Edge Analytics Services provides enterprises with end-to-end visibility of the data exchanged through the digital value chain and the tools to extract critical insights that help make effective business decisions and improve IT responsiveness. Edge is built for self-service and provides a set of out-of-the-box tools and and prebuilt reports:

  • Get real-time data on the health and performance of your APIs
  • Reach beyond APIs to monitor your mobile and web apps
  • Analyze API traffic using virtually any attribute that defines traffic
  • Define custom metrics and dimensions from more than 500 variables
  • Identify performance bottlenecks in apps by network, carrier, and app version
  • Enable collaboration and alignment between roles and functions with role-based access for reports
  • Gauge the health of your digital business while on-the-go with the Apigee for iPad app, which delivers a dashboard view of your app and API infrastructure


A Highly Scalable Datastore for State-of-the Art Apps

For all the anticipation that accompanied the release of the original Apple iPhone, the bigger story was the emergence of the App Store that enables users to configure their devices with just the functionality needed.

Leading businesses are rushing to realize the opportunities enabled by mobile and by new devices like digital wearables and sensors. An API-first approach is designed for this evolving world of the Internet of Things.

Edge API Services pack the power of an integrated Backend-as-a-Service (BaaS) with the punch of API exposure, delivering a unique set of API capabilities designed for app development and consumption, including:

  • Caching and mobile optimization
  • Push notifications, social graphs, geo-location, and user management
  • A highly scalable datastore and API functionality used by enterprises to extend existing datastores and to aggregate data to bring them closer to the apps

Developer Services

Drive Developer Adoption, Build communities and ecosystems

A healthy developer community and a diverse partner ecosystem is a sign of a thriving enterprise and a leading indicator of digital success.

Streamlined developer registration and app-key generation are critical for making developers productive on your API. Achieving success requires a community to provide feedback, make support and feature requests, and submit content that can be accessed by other developers.

Edge Developer Services enables accelerated development by providing all the tools to grow, enable, and engage internal and external developer and partner communities:

  • Create a comprehensive, branded developer portal to drive adoption
  • Use the built-in community tools to engage developers and enable community
  • Enable developers to quickly learn by trying your API with the API Console
  • Speed API adoption with self-service developer onboarding and key management
  • Easily integrate and manage onboarding events and developer and app metadata through APIs
  • Optional monetization capabilities support a wide variety of freemium, fee, revenue sharing, or charging models

Enterprise Grade

Enterprise Grade API Dialtone

API availability should be like telephone dialtone—always there, ready, and waiting to offer service.

Edge enables extending your business to the digital economy with the scalability, performance, and high availability that your internal systems depend on.  A cloud-based solution provides seamless elasticity to accomodate periods of high activity like seasonal traffic growth. 

Deployment Flexibility: True multi-tenancy, a requirement for enterprise deployments, is a core capability in both Edge deployment models—cloud and on-premises.

A multi-region API-DN (distribution network) ensures high availability  and reduced latency for global deployments. API-DN gives you globally distributed API infrastructure that provides levels of availability approaching 99.99%.

Compliance, Consistency, Elasticity:  Edge is PCI-DSS, HIPAA and SOC 2 compliant. The Apigee Global Operations Center provides global coverage, and ensures elastic capacity, predictable service, and failover capabilities.