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Edge Overview


APIs bridge the chasm between IT requirements and those of the new digital economy. Edge is a purpose-built platform that provides everything you need to manage the digital value chain from API exposure to API consumption, and to measure the success of your API program with end-to-end analytics.

Edge includes three components: API Services, Developer Services, Analytics Services


API Services

The foundation for digital business.


Edge API Services bring together the best of Internet and enterprise technologies to provide rock-solid reliability, Internet scalability, and enterprise-grade manageability for the API lifecycle—from modeling and design to production and deployment.


API Management

Transform services and data into easily usable APIs, control traffic, enhance performance, and enforce security without coding or changing backend services. 


Enable enterprise-grade security for APIs using a policy-based security architecture and a configure-not-code design.


Provide web, mobile, and device app developers with a cloud datastore and API-enabled services to easily build modern apps.

API Programmability

Extend API Services to increase flexibility and tailor to business requirements with JavaScript, Java, Python, and Node.js.

Developer Services

Accelerate adoption and increase API value.


Edge Developer Services enable a developer and community experience that simplifies API discovery and learning for developers and accelerates API adoption for API providers. 

Monetization capabilites include plans for individuals, groups of developers, or an entire developer community enabling enterprises to increase the business value of APIs.  


Developer Portal

Provides developers with the resources needed to discover, learn, and use APIs, and a forum for engaging with peers and the API provider.

API Modeling & Dev Mgmt

Onboard developers with easy registration and app-key generation. Simplify testing and evaluation with interactive API docs.

API Consoles

Developers easily access, explore, and test APIs. API Providers build awareness in the developer community about their data and services.


Increase the business value of APIs with monetization models based on fees, freemium, and revenue sharing.

Analytics Services

API interaction visibility from app-end to backend.


Edge Analytics Services enable end-to-end visibility across the digital value chain with unified operational, developer, app performance, and business metrics that are required to monitor, measure, and manage success.


Business Metrics

Key metrics for monitoring and measuring business success and enabling data-driven decision making.

Operational Metrics

Monitor the overall health and performance of the APIs, plan for traffic spikes, and identify slow and error-prone APIs.

App Performance Monitoring

App performance monitoring and usage from the device, to the carrier, platform, and app version.

Developer Metrics

Identify the developer programs most popular apps, developer engagement, and API traffic.

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