Edge Analytics Services

End-to-End Visibility

End-to-end visibility provides unprecedented information about how your entire value chain is interacting with your services and enables you to monitor, measure, and manage success. 

  • App Analytics enables businesses to monitor app performance and usage. You can better understand the devices and platforms used to access your app, gauge the level of engagement of end users, track errors, and much more.
  • Developer Analytics enables businesses to monitor usage and performance of developer apps and APIs. It enables you to identify your top developers, top apps, developer engagement, and view API traffic by developer and more.
  • API Analytics enables monitoring the overall health and performance of your API program. Monitor and report on API traffic, response times, APIs, apps, developers, and API Products.
  • Take your dashboards wherever you go with  Apigee for iPad  which is a real-time, interactive, and actionable dashboard for your API program
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API & Developer Analytics

Analytics Services provides self-service operational and business analytics dashboards, reports, and monitoring tools. They are carefully designed to help each stakeholder - the API program executive sponsor, API product manager, API developer, app developer, API operations team - take proactive action or implement corrective measures necessary to adjust and grow your API program. An enterprise can:

  • Manage program health and performance of API program.
  • Identify top markets served by your API program and analyze API traffic across markets.
  • Track an entire portfolio including the relative contribution of top APIs, apps, and developers.
  • Track business events and trends in real time.
  • Investigate traffic anomalies—analyze multiple API traffic metrics by any default or custom dimension.
Traffic Composition Investigate Anomalies

App Analytics

Reach beyond APIs to monitor your mobile and web apps. Monitor app usage and performance so you can take corrective action before issues impact your app store rating and app reputation. Data logging and visualization tools let you monitor and analyze network performance, usage patterns, crash statistics, and other key metrics, giving you the data necessary to quickly manage performance issues as they arise

  • Monitor app usage to dig into the what and where of an application error or performance glitch.     
  • Monitor in-app API performance to track the number of requests made by your app, a count of errors, the response time for the requests, and in-depth raw data on network performance.
  • Monitor errors and crashes in graphical form in the admin portal or search the raw logs. 
App Analytics & API Performance

Custom Metrics & Dimensions

Edge Analytics offers unmatched flexibility to meet changing business and analytics needs with custom metrics, reports, and dashboard, report packs, and APIs to export data.

  • Define custom metrics and dimensions using any attribute that defines traffic - choose from more than 500 variables available, or extract them from the API request, API response, request payload, or response payload
  • Create custom reports using any default or custom dimension, and benefit from many options to aggregate, filter, visualize and compare data, all through a very easy to use self-service user interface.
  • Create a custom dashboard to complement the out-of-the-box dashboard and easily access additional  information important to your API program.
  • Get a head start with Apigee best practices in deep operational analysis gained from working with hundreds of enterprise clients and understanding how they analyze their API traffic.
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