Edge: API BaaS

Opportunities & Expectations

Leading businesses face the urgency to deliver engaging and relevant customer experiences in response to the needs and expectations of their customers and employees. Enterprises are rushing to realize the opportunities enabled by mobile devices, the emergence of apps, and by new devices like digital wearables and sensors.

Apigee's API-first approach starts with the premise that all modern software is built as services, and therefore all development is API development.

  • Apps are built using APIs on the front-end to connect the UX tier
  • Apps use APIs on the backend to connect to data and services
  • Apps use APIs to enable other apps to connect to internal data & processes
  • Apps themselves are built out of interconnected microservices, which are wired together by APIs

Edge API Services supports meeting customer expectations in two critical dimensions: capability and performance. Edge includes an integrated Backend as a Service (BaaS), which provides web and mobile app developers with a way to link their apps to a cloud datastore as well as features such as user management, push notifications, and integration with social networking and geolocation services. Edge Analytics Services bring visibility to the performance challenge.

Scalable Data Store

Your most connected, socially interactive customers may not ask for a scalable datastore but in fact, it is the foundation that enables greater app functionality from two perspectives:

  • The social interaction often considered important to a modern app requires an easy-to-use, extensible datastore.  API Providers simplify the app development task by providing one that is fully accessible through APIs. 
  • Delivering meaningful information to the user often requires access to existing systems that may have been designed before the Internet and most likely before the emergence of the digital-device app. Modifying those systems to include additional data fields is complex and inserts risk into daily operations as systems are reconfigured, and tested. 

The Edge datastore supports the modern app functionality and provides a way to extend existing datastores with the information needed by today's modern, socially connected apps. 

Streamlined User Management

The last great social app you installed likely asked for a username and password and if you preferred to login via Facebook or Twitter. It assigned a specific role to you with corresponding permissions, and perhaps added you to groups of your choice.  The behind-the-scenes tasks to make this all happen are handled in Edge BaaS.

  • Add and manage users by providing the core services necessary for secure registration and log in, including OAuth 2.0-compliant client authentication
  • Any number of default or custom data entities and properties can be associated with a user entity to create complete user profiles
  • Create roles that represent user types or desired access levels then assign the necessary permissions to that role
  • Create groups based on interests or location to effectively deliver relevant content, target offers, customize campaigns or enable social networking activities
  • Integrate third-party authentication through popular services like Facebook, Twitter and other OAuth-enabled accounts for greater adoption and access to valuable social network information

Location Aware

One of the most useful things your mobile device can do for you is to show you how to get to your intended location. Store locators have become a standard feature of retail and service apps. Company resource locations (building 275B anyone?) is a similar challenge. Edge BaaS streamlines the task enabling you to offer location-aware functionality easily.

  • Capture geolocation data from your users' GPS-enabled devices
  • Associate geolocation data with places, activities, events, people and devices
  • Enable developers to easily query for the nearest location of interest

Social & Proactive

Socially-aware apps enable long-running conversations in the context of the services you provide. Proactive notifications alert users to relevant information and provide the incentive for taking action. These capabilities help to increase service adoption, customer satisfaction, and the value of your services. 

Edge BaaS simplifies your work enabling you to enjoy the benefits of increased social interaction.

  • Social graphs show user location and status
  • Activity streams show status updates, check-ins, user actions, and comments
  • Activity streams enable publishing of user actions, comments, activities, and tweets
  • Push notifications drive engagement and value from opt-in activity
    Create relationships between data entities to build features, improve user experience, and contextualize data