Edge: Developer Services

Building & Extending Ecosystems

A healthy developer community and a diverse partner ecosystem is a sign of a thriving enterprise and a leading indicator of digital success.

Edge Developer Services provides the capabilities that enable you to build and extend your channels and ecosystems:

  • Enable developers and partners to easily access, explore, and test your APIs and build their apps
  • Quickly get your own branded developer portal up and running with thousands of open source themes

Whether your enterprise is encouraging innovation among internal or external developers, partners, or all of the above, the developers building against your APIs need to interact with you as well as with each other. Build a thriving developer community using the community tools in Edge:

  • Discussion forums and blogs
  • Dashboards for quick access to the latest news and information about your API as well as social media conversations
Developer Engagement

Empowering Developers

Frictionless on-boarding

Publishing your APIs to developers and partners is key to creating a dynamic community. You also need a way for your community to provide feedback, make support and feature requests, and submit content that can be accessed by other developers.

Edge Developer Services provides a developer portal that enterprises can use to build and launch a branded website to enable all of these services for your development community:

  • Developers and partners can register to access, compare plans, purchase and use your API products through the self-serve developer portal

  • You, as the API Provider can handle this securely and authorize the request manually or in an automated manner

  • Partners can manage their own developer registrations, access, keys etc, leaving you unencumbered with this administration overhead

Empowering developers & partners

Edge Developer Services offers comprehensive self-service capability—enabling developer sign-up, management of APIs and policies, and end-to-end debugging of an API proxy.

  • Through the developer portal, developers have comprehensive information to leverage an enterprise's API Products—for example, access to API modeling and docs lets developers learn how to build apps using their authorized API products

  • Developers can test-drive APIs with an API Console to discover the ones that best suit their needs

  • API Monetization enables developers to easily review, compare, manage, and adjust packages of API products helping them to select and manage their ideal rate plans

  • Developer Services provides real-time visibility of performance, errors and usage relating to apps and APIs

  • Monetization reports give developers the ability to view prepaid plans, invoices and statements

Developer Services Overview Developer Reports

Creating value with API Monetization

Developers and partners are new channels for expanding your digital business. Edge monetization capabilities enable you to derive value from these new channels and to create new revenue streams from your developer and partner relationships.

Enterprises have complex business needs that must fit a variety of commercial relationships. Apigee provides the flexibility to chose from different types of monetization models, providing plans related to an individual, groups of developers, or the entire developer community; providing management of API provider organizational hierarchies that cater to tax, currency and payment gateway requirements. Monetization models can be customized to meet complex requirements and include:

  • Revenue Sharing Model: Paying developers for the usage of your APIs based on purchase of your services.
  • Fee-based Model:  Developer pays you for API usage 
  • Freemium Model:  An offer for an initial set of usage for free, and then charge as the developer’s API usage grows

Self-service monetization

  • Developers can stay on top of their API transactions – explore, compare, and buy API products, manage limits and usage and carry out payments and other financial transactions, all within the developer portal.

  • Developers also have access to monetization reports, giving them the ability to:

view all their billing types such as prepaid plans and also top up any pre-paid balances.

view all invoices and statements (such as revenue share) and receive these either from Edge Monetization directly or through integrations with backend financial systems

Developers can be notified about new and updated products, packages, changes in plans and terms and conditions.  Developers can monitor utilization based on limits associated with their purchases.

Monetization reports, limits, notifications

  • Monetization reports provide API Providers with visibility into the monetization performance of digital assets.

  • Edge handles metering and monitoring for monetization purposes based on out-of-the-box and custom attributes which can be anything relevant to the business.

  • Limits are managed at a generic level or at high levels of granularity. This is especially important as the channel grows across apps, APIs, partners and internal business units.

  • Edge monetization capabilities include a number of options for automated notifications – for the API Provider, a specific developer, or for all developers – enabling API Providers and developers to leverage the most ideal and up-to-date packages.

Monetization Overview Monetization - Revenue Share Rate Plans