Edge: Enterprise Grade

An architecture to support your future

The demands placed on business with the need for change only increase in the digital economy. Think about the substantial change driven by the addition of millions of intelligent devices to the edge of businesses—devices that enable enhanced customer experience and connectivity.

Achieving digital acceleration that delivers business benefits quickly requires a foundation that enables change without getting in the way—a foundation that provides the rock-solid reliability that you expect from enterprise-grade solutions.

Edge: An enterprise-grade solution

Edge is designed with an architecture built for today and for the evolving world of tomorrow. Edge is a foundation that is open, reliable, and manageable and provides:

  • cloud and on-premises deployments and the ability to transition between them.
  • flexibility that helps the enterprise reduce time-to-market by starting on cloud, then migrating to on-premises in their datacenter if and when that's appropriate.
  • parallel development paths that accelerate your digital efforts.


Putting you in control

As technology evolves it often transitions from greater-than-norm dependence on a vendor to greater self reliance. When time is of the essence, why have to wait for configuration changes to your environment? When your governance requirements are complex, you need fine-grained control over a large number of assets and the roles that work with them.

Hundreds of Apigee customers already experience the flexibility and self-reliance that comes with Edge:

  • A complete tool-set including configurable policies to support self-service.
  • An API-first strategy that enables broad access to Apigee APIs providing for unlimited custom tooling and the ability to address unique requirements. 
  • Cloud and on-premises deployments and the ability to transition between them as your enterprise's business needs evolve.

Rock-solid and battle-tested

Edge has been battle-tested by hundreds of customers and delivers the platform for the most demanding industries to quickly achieve digital acceleration with scale and agility. Your business will change and Edge is designed to adapt.

The design is proven and reliability to 99.99% assures customers that Edge is a rock-solid foundation for their business. Reliability and scalability is enabled by both design and configuration:

  • Easily add capacity to support seasonal or event-driven business peaks avoiding the need to dedicate year-long commitments to those short peak times.
  • Edge DN (distributed network) enables multiple cloud service locations to reduce access times associated with large geographical coverage.  
  • Multiple locations provide failover and redundancy in the event of a regional failure
  • Edge provides consistent and predictable service to the optimal endpoint by routing traffic based on network performance thereby protecting global users from issues impacting only a single region.
  • Edge supports the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI) providing the confidence and privacy that is required for online credit card commerce.