Apigee Insights

Unlock the power of data

Anticipate and adapt to the needs of individual customer with predictive analytics that power adaptive apps and APIs

Apigee Insights


Insights is the big data predictive actions platform that enables the enterprise to increase revenue and customer satisfaction with API-powered predictive apps that anticipate and adapt to the needs of each customer.

Predictive Analytics to Build Adaptive Apps and APIs


Built on time-sequenced graph database technology, Insights enables the enterprise to glean insights from real-time unstructured and structured data. Businesses that act on that insight with interactions individualized for customers across all channels reap the benefits of an increase in revenue and improvement in customer satisfaction.


Customer Care

Provide individualized experiences, maximize customer satisfaction and retention, and grow revenues and profits.


Improve customer acquisition, retention, up-sell and cross-sell opportunities with individualized targeting and recommendations.



Optimize member service, reduce costs, and protect privacy, while adapting to a rapidly changing healthcare market.

API Optimization

Create predictive models that power development of adaptive apps and APIs; adapt to the operational needs of apps and APIs in the digital ecosystem.

Next Steps

Apigee Edge: the leading infrastructure for creating and operating APIs and apps.

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